Checking Accounts That Work For You

free checking that works for you

By Jennifer Tucker
October 28, 2022 | 4 Min. Read

When it comes to managing your money, there are a lot of different products, services, and support you can use. And while everyone’s goals are different, a free checking account may be the single most important tool to help you achieve your financial dream.

A checking account helps you stay on top of your budget and all of your financial transactions. Having an account creates flexibility and ease in managing your everyday banking needs, like receiving your paycheck via direct deposit, making debit card purchases, and making payments.

But with all the different types of checking accounts available today, how do you decide which is the best for you? It starts with thinking about how you want to use your account day-to-day.

Here are five ways a free checking account can help you take care of your everyday financial transactions

Easily manage your money

A checking account means easy money management. And when you open an account with access to online and mobile banking, you’ll be able to keep track of your finances even when you’re on the go.

Get more options for paying

A checking account can expand the ways you’re able to pay. A free checking account gives you more payment flexibility, from writing a check or swiping your debit card to scheduling bill payments or making online transfers.  

Payment methods

Many employers offer direct deposit, making getting paid more convenient—no more waiting for a paper check and no check cashing fees. When you set up direct deposit with your free checking account, you can receive and cash your paychecks more conveniently and less expensively.

Free ATM

ATMs are a major benefit of having a checking account. Many free checking accounts allow you to visit any ATM in the bank or credit union’s network and make a withdrawal for free when you need cash.

Keep your money safe

A free checking account can also give you security and peace of mind. Most deposits in banks are insured dollar-for-dollar by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and deposits in credit unions are insured through the National Credit Union Association.

How to find the best free checking account

If a checking account is good, a free checking account is even better. When you’re researching the best checking account to meet your money management needs, there are a few key features to look for.

Here are five features you’ll find in the best free checking accounts:

A debit card and debit card controls

Having a debit card makes payments more convenient and secure. You can use a debit card for purchases online or at retailers, or to withdraw cash from an ATM.

With Marine Credit Union’s checking accounts you get a free debit card. And as an added benefit, you can take control of your spending or create new money habits by using debit card controls to turn your card off and on with the click of a button.

Free ATM transactions

It seems like we’re faced with more (and more expensive) fees everywhere we turn. A free checking account that allows fee-free ATM transactions can help you avoid costly withdrawal fees and make access to your funds more convenient.

At Marine Credit Union, you can make a withdrawal from any ATM in our network without encountering a fee.

Overdraft fee protection

Many free checking accounts offer overdraft protection, an option to help you reduce or avoid fees if you overdraw your account.

At Marine Credit Union, we have overdraft protection to help you reduce and avoid fees.

Digital banking with a mobile app and online

Digital banking can make banking easier and more convenient, allowing you to manage your money with just a few clicks from anywhere, anytime.

The Marine Credit Union Mobile App and Online Banking give you access to all the banking features you know you need. Plus, we offer enhanced tools to make your digital banking experience even better, like tracking your budget and spending habits and managing multiple accounts with ease. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind with top-notch security and encryption in our mobile app and online banking system.

Education and awareness

Whether you’re opening a checking account for the first time or you’re a long-time account holder, managing your finances can be tricky. The best free checking accounts offer added support to help you determine your expenses, create your budget, and plan for your long-term financial goals.

Marine Credit Union offers free financial education courses through GreenPath, a financial wellness nonprofit.

Whether you’re looking for a simple account for everyday transactions or added features to help you save towards your long-term goals, there’s an account for you. At Marine Credit Union, we have a variety of checking accounts to meet your needs, and we offer the information and tools you need to master your account.

Open a Checking Account with Marine Credit Union

When you open a Marine Credit Union Checking Account, you open new possibilities. We can help you reach your financial goals with the checking account that’s right for you.

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