Buying a home may be the biggest financial decision of your life. That’s why we employ mortgage experts who not only find the best options to finance your home, but also help you understand the intricate homebuying process itself. Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

Why keep your mortgage in the community?



Different homebuying circumstances call for different types of mortgages. We’re committed to finding the right loan that works for your unique needs.



You may not fit in other lenders’ rigid lending guidelines. That’s okay — neither do we. We look for ways to say “yes,” not excuses to say “no.”

The home buying process

Are you ready to buy a home? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of home ownership, the upfront costs and monthly fees, the hidden costs, and the credit factors lenders evaluate in the lending process.

Calculate a mortgage payment

Use our mortgage calculator to help determine how much house you can afford.

Home ownership is the foundation of any thriving community, which is why we’re committed to helping our members – regardless of financial circumstance – purchase a place they can call their own.

Since 2018 our Finding HOME initiative has helped members strengthen their finances and prepare them for lasting homeownership. We’re proud to offer this free service to our community – and to offer market-rate loans to all program graduates.

Life is unpredictable

That’s why it is important to safeguard your family by ensuring loan payments can be made on time with Marine Credit Union Debt Protection.

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Hear from our members

The staff was fantastic in answering all our questions, offering helpful suggestions. Though we had to handle everything by phone and email, the staff was very prompt in getting back to us with progress updates.

Barry O


The loan process was fast and very convenient. I have never had such a great experience with a bank!

Joswa L


My loan officer is fantastic – so supportive, kind, and knowledgeable. There are so many friendly, helpful people at Marine Credit Union, and it definitely makes my life easier!

Rebecca H


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