You’ve found the perfect plot of land, and now it’s time to claim it. When you want to buy land and begin searching for a loan, you want a lender who understands your needs and can match you with the right land loan to help you meet your goals.

Whether you’re looking at a residential lot, hunting and recreational land, or large acreage, Marine Credit Union will match you with the right loan to finance your dream.

Our long-term land loans offer financing for up to 30 years. And with just a minimal down payment, you’ll be on your way to owning property where you can raise your family, raise your crops, or raise the dust with your ATV.

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Why finance your loan to buy land with Marine Credit Union?


Low Down Payment

Only 10% down required.


Flexible Terms

Financing up to 30 years.


Experienced Lending Team

Focused on your needs.

Why keep your land loan in the community?


Different goals call for different types of loans. When you’re looking to buy land, we’ll find the right solution to meet your unique needs.


We don’t think anything should stand in the way of your dreams of land ownership. If you’re ready to purchase land, we’re ready to discover a way to make it possible.


Some lenders have rigid lending guidelines and qualifications that are tough to meet. If you’ve been told “no,” we can help you find the path to “yes.”

Check your qualifications to buy land

Marine Credit Union offers a variety of free budgeting and financial planning tools. Start your lending journey with our easy-to-use online calculators.

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