We believe everyone can achieve financial security, and we can help you reach your financial goals.
Joining Marine Credit Union comes with a lot of benefits. When you become a member and bank with Marine CU, you get access to:


We can match you with a flexible checking account, help you save money in a way that works for you, build your credit for the future, and meet your borrowing needs.


We can help you gain control of your financial security with resources like free financial counseling from GreenPath.


We can help make your financial life easier with personal support and a team that truly cares. Open an account with Marine Credit Union today.

What’s the difference between a credit union and a bank?

What is a credit union? It’s a financial institution, like a bank, but credit unions are non-profits that serve their members, often with better savings rates, lower loan rates, and reduced fees.

Some of the common differences between credit unions and banks are:

Credit UnionBank
Community FocusRegional or National Focus
Owned by MembersOwned by Shareholders
Requires MembershipOpen Eligibility
Lower or No Minimum Balance RequirementsHigher Minimum Balance Requirements
Fewer Credit Restrictions or Barriers to LendingTougher Credit and Loan Approval Standards

What you get when you become a member

It’s easy to become a member and bank with Marine Credit Union. When you join, you’ll get:

  • Account features that help you better manage your money
  • Help building your banking history and improving your credit
  • A path to a better financial future

Your membership and account with Marine CU come with features that give you greater control over your finances and can help you achieve your financial goals. Member benefits include:

What Sets Marine Credit Union Apart

At Marine CU, our mission sets us apart from other banks and financial institutions. We’re committed to advancing the lives of people from a place of financial need to a life of ownership and giving back in our communities. We put our mission into action every day.

Become a member and join the Marine community.

The MCU Foundation

We pay it forward and give back to our communities through the MCU Foundation.

Finding HOME

Our Finding HOME program provides free financial education to individuals and families with barriers to homeownership. See how we’re fulfilling dreams.

Heart of MCU

Our employees share the common values of courage, collaboration, compassion, and commitment. Meet our team members.

Become a Member

At Marine Credit Union, we’re here for you. We believe everyone deserves a chance to achieve their financial goals, even if you’ve been turned away elsewhere.

We can help you build credit for the future, save money in a way that works for you, and meet your borrowing needs. Gain control of your financial freedom and join Marine CU today.

Becoming a member is easy. there are no hoops to jump through and no tricky terms and conditions. The only eligibility requirement for membership is a par value of $5 in your savings account. Par value means “stated face value” and is similar to a minimum balance.

Unless I mysteriously won the lottery, there would be no possibility to home ownership before Finding HOME.

Darshida M

La Crosse

The staff was amazing, helpful, and made our loan application and process very simple. Thank you!

Beth E


I never thought I’d get a call from my bank on my birthday. Thank you for the recognition!

Ozzy K


It is hard to find the words to describe how grateful we are for the opportunity, thoughts, patience, phone calls, texts, and e-mails, but most importantly the belief in us, that we could do this.

Katie L.

La Crosse

My loan officer was very friendly and knowledgeable. She made sure that everything was explained in a language that I could understand. Thank you so much!

Anthony K


This experience was so convenient, especially in this uncertain time. Doing it online from the comfort of my home was so appreciated!

Bruce M


The ease of getting my loan was incredible! Marine Credit Union went out of their way to help me and do whatever was needed to get it done.

Cassondra M