Discover the Benefits of My Marine Checking

No matter where you’ve been or what your story is, opportunity is the first step towards financial wellness. My Marine Checking is about having the chance to build strong money habits that boost your confidence and independence with your money.

Free overdraft protection.

Link your MCU checking and savings accounts and get free transfers to protect against overdraft fees.

No ATM fees.

Never get an ATM fee from MCU, even if you use an out-of-network ATM.*

No monthly fee and no minimum balance.

You’ll never be charged a monthly fee just for having an account, and there are no minimum balance requirements.

Debit card access.

Get instant access to your funds with a debit card you can use at stores, for online purchases, and to make free withdrawals from any ATM.

Online and mobile banking.

Manage your finances from the comfort of your couch or on the go with online banking and the Marine mobile app.

Direct deposit.

Your payroll, social security, and other payments can go directly into your checking account, saving you a trip to the branch.

*Transaction fees from non-MCU ATM operators may apply.

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Do I need to be a Marine Credit Union member to open a checking account?

Becoming a member of MCU is easy. There are no hoops to jump through and no tricky terms and conditions. The only eligibility requirement for membership is a par value of $5 in your savings account. Par value means “stated face value” and is similar to a minimum balance.

Can I open a checking account online?

Yes, you can open an account with Marine Credit Union online. Online account opening is quick and easy with just 3 simple steps:


  1. Choose your checking account. There are no hoops to jump through. All you need to become a member of Marine Credit Union is a minimum balance of $5.
  2. Tell us a little about yourself. We’ll ask some questions about who you are and where you live. You’ll also have the option to add someone to your account.
  3. Fund your account. You can make your first deposit using a debit card, credit card, or a transfer from another bank account.

Get started opening your account today. Plus, check out our in-depth guide, What to Expect When Opening a Checking Account.

How much money do you have to have to open a checking account?

Opening a checking account with Marine Credit Union is easy. All you need to become a member is a minimum balance of $5.

When will I receive my debit card?

You must fund your account before you receive your debit card. After you make your first deposit to fund your checking account, you may need to wait 7-10 days for your new debit card to arrive. You can activate your debit card and begin using it as soon as you receive it.

How do I set up direct deposit?

You can easily set up direct deposit into your new Marine Credit Union checking account. It’s simple!

  1. Log into Online Banking or open the Marine Mobile app on your phone.
  2. Click on Account Switching under Account Services.
  3. Click Open on the ClickSWITCH page.
  4. Follow the options to set up direct deposit, recurring payments, and more.

From there, MCU does the work to make sure your account is connected with your employer and service providers.

What if I overdraw my account?

We know accidents happen. Marine has a few lines of defense in case you overdraft your checking account:

  1. Free overdraft protection with linked accounts. Link your Marine Credit Union checking and savings accounts and get free transfers to protect against overdraft fees. In the event of an overdraft, MCU will automatically transfer funds from your savings account to cover the transaction in increments of $100.
  2. My Grace Zone. My Grace Zone is a free service available for qualified members in My Relationship Checking that covers an overdraft up to $50. The service will automatically cover ACH and check transactions that take your account below $0 up to $50 with no fee. In order to allow your debit card to go below $0, opt-in for Reg E [a federal regulation that protects members against fraudulent and incorrect electronic fund transfers]. In the event of an overdraft on your debit card, Marine Credit Union will cover the transaction, up to $50, without charging a fee. Learn more about My Grace Zone. To opt-in to Reg E, log into Digital Banking, go to Account Services and then Overdraft for Card.
  3. Overdraft Privilege. If you choose not to link accounts, Overdraft Privilege allows Marine Credit Union to pick up the tab if an overdraft takes your account negative by more than $50. MCU will cover the transaction for an overdraft fee of $35 per instance, with a maximum of six charges per day. Note: Overdraft Privilege on your debit card requires you to opt-in to Reg E to allow us to cover an overdraft. If you choose not to opt-in on your debit card, any charge that has insufficient funds will be declined and you could be subject to insufficient funds fees. To opt-in to Reg E, log into Digital Banking, to go Account Services, and then Overdraft for Card.

Note: The amount MCU covers is in accordance with your overdraft limits, which are based on deposit and repayment history and can fluctuate along with changes to your account or status. An overdraft can be a check or ACH that takes your account negative if you are not opted into Reg E, or it can be a check, ACH, or debit card charge that takes your account negative if you ARE opted into Reg E. The amount available to you can be found in Digital Banking under Account Details.

Please note that fees and charges are subject to change. Check out our Fee Schedule.

The last first step you’ll have to take.

When you open a My Marine Checking account, you take the first step towards financial freedom. And because Marine Credit Union sticks with you no matter where your financial journey takes you, it’s the last first step you’ll ever have to take.

Opening a My Marine Checking account is quick and easy. Click the link below, and you could have a new account in just 5 minutes!

Marine Mobile

Stay on top of your financial progress anytime, anywhere, with mobile banking. The Marine Credit Union Mobile App helps you manage your checking account on the go or from the comfort of your couch.

It’s convenient. Log in and take care of all your banking with just a few clicks.

It saves you time. Set up recurring payments or pay bills with the tap of a button.

It’s secure. Our top-notch security and encryption maintain the integrity of your accounts and transactions.

Download on the Apple App Store
Get it on Google Play

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I love that Marine Credit Union remembers my name when I visit my local branch!

Corey G

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Every time I have an issue, question, or concern, a member is right there to help me. Thank you MCU!

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All my interactions with MCU have been courteous, polite, and professional. Thank you!

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