Breathe a little easier with My Grace Zone

With My Graze Zone, you can breathe easier with access to a $50 cushion that lets you go a little under your account balance without pesky fees.

My Grace Zone is a feature of My Prize and My Relationship Checking that gives you a $50 buffer in case you spend a little more than you have in your account. We know accidents happen and sometimes you forget that you wrote a check or a charge goes through earlier than expected. If you qualify for My Prize or My Relationship Checking, MCU will cover an overdraft of up to $50 without charging a fee. It’s access to money when you need it most without being charged for it.

To take advantage of My Grace Zone, you must be opted into overdraft privilege for ATM and everyday debit card transactions.

To opt in, log into the Mobile App or Digital Banking, go to Account Services (Choose More first on the Mobile App) and then Overdraft for Card.

My Grace Zone is a service available for select Marine Credit Union share draft/checking accounts. If your share draft/checking account is eligible for My Grace Zone, we will waive overdraft fees that would otherwise be assessed for transactions that overdraw your available balance plus debit card holds added back in, by no more than $50. This is known as a grace zone. Beyond the grace zone, Overdraft Privilege fees of $35 per item will apply up to your discretionary Overdraft Privilege limit.

Paying overdrafts beyond the grace zone is not guaranteed and we typically do not pay overdrafts if you are consecutively overdrawn for an extended period, delinquent on any loans, or not making regular deposits. A fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts created by ATMs and everyday debit card transactions (if you are enrolled for overdraft privilege for those transactions), checks and other transactions made using your checking account number, automated bill payments, and preauthorized electronic debits, telephone-initiated, online banking, or electronic transfers and recurring debit card transactions. Excessive use of any overdraft service can be costly and is discouraged. Overdraft fees that are not charged or waived because of My Grace Zone do not count against the per-day limit on total fees. Fees and terms are subject to change. Some restrictions apply.