At Marine Credit Union, we believe a checking account is something everyone should have, no matter their financial situation. We can help you reach your financial goals, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. Opening a Better Than Free Checking Account is quick and easy. Just click the link below, and you could have your new account in less than 5 minutes!

Plus, check out our in-depth article Free Checking Account: What You Need to Know.

Why is it Important to have a Checking Account

A checking account can help you manage all your financial transactions and stay on top of your budget. Having an account also gives you more flexibility, allowing you to easily manage your everyday banking needs like receiving a paycheck via direct deposit, making debit card purchases, and making payments.

Here are 5 reasons to open a checking account:

Easily manage your money

A checking account means easy money management. With access to online and mobile banking, a Marine Credit Union checking account helps you keep track of your finances, even when you’re on the go.

Get more options for paying

A checking account can expand the ways you pay by writing checks, swiping your debit card, scheduling bill payments, or making online transfers. A Marine Credit Union checking account gives you more payment flexibility.

Get paid faster and easier

Many employers offer direct deposit, which makes getting paid more convenient—no waiting for a paper check and no checking cashing fees. With a Marine Credit Union checking account, you can receive and cash your paychecks more conveniently and less expensively.

Get cash from an ATM

ATMs are a major benefit of having a checking account. When you need cash, visit any Marine Credit Union ATM, including our Smart ATMs, to easily make a withdrawal for free.

Keep your money safe

A checking account can give you security and peace of mind. At Marine Credit Union, our consumer accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Administration.

Free Checking Account

The best free checking accounts offer a lot of benefits, like a free debit card, direct deposit, access to online and mobile banking, and free ATM transactions.

Here are some of the most important things to look for in a free checking account.

Features to help you take control of your money.

Opening a bank account gives you control over your money. Use your checking account to set up direct deposit, manage bills, make payments, and more.

Overdraft fee protection.

At Marine Credit Union, we have overdraft protection to help you avoid fees. You can also add our CoverIt overdraft program to your checking account and breathe easier when money gets tight. CoverIt gives you a $50 grace zone each month, so you have a safety net for life’s ups and downs.

Digital banking with a mobile app and online.

Digital banking can make banking easier and more convenient, allowing you to manage your money with just a few clicks from anywhere, anytime.

Debit card controls.

With Marine Credit Union’s free checking account, you can take control of your spending or create new money habits by using debit card controls to turn your card off and on with the click of a button.

Direct deposit.

A free checking account can make getting paid easier and faster with direct deposit. Direct deposits land in your checking account no matter where you are, and your money is available immediately.

Privacy and encryption.

Get peace of mind with top-notch security and encryption in Marine Credit Union Mobile App and Online Banking system.

Security and peace of mind.

At Marine Credit Union, our consumer accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Association.

Education and awareness.

Marine Credit Union offers free financial education courses through GreenPath, a financial wellness nonprofit.

At Marine Credit Union, we have a variety of checking accounts to meet your needs, and we offer the information and tools you need to master your account.

CoverIt overdraft protection for Marine Credit Union checking accounts

Yes, there is such a thing as checking that’s fair and flexible.

We get it. Things happen. Maybe a payment came due on grocery day, or payday came a little late. If you ever worry about your checking account going a little under, we can help.

Add CoverIt to your checking account and breathe easier with a $50 grace zone.

Why choose Marine for your checking needs?

It’s easy to become a member and bank with Marine Credit Union. When you join, you’ll get:

  • Account features that help you better manage your money
  • Help building your banking history and improving your credit
  • A path to a better financial future

Your Marine Credit Union checking account comes with features that give you greater control over your finances and can help you achieve your financial goals.



With our variety of checking accounts, including Better Than Free, Better Than Free + Interest and Credit Builder Checking, we’ll find the right fit for you.



Sometimes things slip through the cracks. You can count on Kwik Cash and overdraft protection* when you’re in a pinch.



We believe every Marine member is entitled to a checking account — even if you’ve been told no elsewhere. Once you’ve established your account, we help you manage it.

*Overdraft Charges may apply.

What are Some Responsibilities of having a Checking Account?

There are a lot of benefits that come with having a checking account, like a debit card, direct deposit, online and mobile banking, and ATM transactions. Good money management also comes with a few responsibilities.

Whether you’re opening an account for the first time or you’ve had one in the past, this 10-minute course can help you understand how a checking account will benefit you. You’ll also learn about common checking account options and how to best deal with challenges you might encounter along the way.

How much am I spending?

Opening a checking account is just one step towards taking control of your financial future. Once you’ve opened your account, Marine Credit Union can help you gain real financial freedom with free online budgeting and financial planning tools.

Creating a solid monthly spending plan can help you monitor and stay on track with your financial goals. It helps you establish your budget, keep up with your payments, and even reduce your expenses and increase your rainy day (or leak-in-the-roof) fund. Once you see where you’re spending your money, it becomes easier to look at reducing spending in certain categories.

Spending Calculator

Balance Your Checkbook

Household Cash Flow Tracker

Spare Change

Person using spending calculator

Marine Credit Union offers free budgeting and financial planning tools. Explore our online calculators to get a handle on your spending habits and more.

What is the Advantage of having a Better Than Free Checking Account?

At Marine Credit Union, your checking account comes with a bundle of benefits.

Debit card access

Enjoy instant access to your account with a debit card. You can use it anytime at stores, for online purchases and to make free withdrawals from any Marine ATM.

Online banking

Handle your banking routine from the comfort of your home with online banking. Pay bills with the click of a button on the day you want them paid.

Direct deposit

Payroll, social security and other payments can go directly into your checking account, saving you a trip to the branch.


Go paperless and clean up clutter by signing up for e-statements, a virtual copy of your billing statement.

What to Expect when Opening a Checking Account

What should I expect when opening a checking account?

In most cases, you can count on it taking less than half an hour to open a checking account. Sometimes, the account opening process may take longer (for example, if you have a credit freeze on your credit file and the bank needs to contact a credit bureau during the account opening process).

What information do I need to provide when I open a new checking account?

The requirements for account opening vary from bank to bank and credit union to credit union. Some of the items you might need to provide when opening a new checking account include:

  • Your legal name
  • Your government-issued photo ID
  • Your Social Security number or tax identification number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your occupation
  • Your address and phone number
  • An initial opening deposit

Can I open a bank account online with no money?

Yes, some banks and credit unions will allow you to open a checking account online without an initial deposit. Marine Credit Union requires that an account opened online be funded within 30 days.

Got more questions? We have answers.

Marine Mobile

Stay on top of your financial progress anytime, anywhere, with mobile banking. The Marine Credit Union Mobile App helps you manage your checking account on the go or from the comfort of your couch.

It’s convenient. Log in and take care of all your banking with just a few clicks.

It saves you time. Set up recurring payments or pay bills with the tap of a button.

It’s secure. Our top-notch security and encryption maintain the integrity of your accounts and transactions.

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