We believe a checking account is something everyone should have, regardless of their financial situation. It’s a small step that goes a long way toward having ownership and control over your finances.

Why choose Marine for your checking needs?



With our variety of checking accounts, including Better Than Free, Better Than Free + Interest and Credit Builder Checking, we’ll find the right fit for you.



Sometimes things slip through the cracks. You can count on Kwik Cash and overdraft protection* when you’re in a pinch.



We believe every Marine member is entitled to a checking account — even if you’ve been told no elsewhere. Once you’ve established your account, we help you manage it.

*Overdraft Charges may apply.

Your checking account comes with a bundle of benefits (and they’re all free)

Debit card access

Enjoy instant access to your account with a debit card. You can use it anytime at stores, for online purchases and to make free withdrawals from any Marine ATM.

Online banking

Handle your banking routine from the comfort of your home. Pay bills with the click of a button on the day you want them paid.

Direct deposit

Payroll, social security and other payments can go directly into your checking account, saving you a trip to the branch.


Go paperless and clean up clutter by signing up for e-statements, a virtual copy of your billing statement.


Yes, there is such a thing as checking that’s fair and flexible.

We get it. Things happen. Maybe a payment came due on grocery day, or payday came a little late. If you ever worry about your checking account going a little under, we can help.

Add CoverIt to your checking account and breathe easier with a $50 grace zone.

Checking account responsibilities

Whether you are opening an account for the first time or you’ve had one in the past, this 10 minute course can help you understand how a checking account can benefit you. We’ll also explore some common checking account options, and how to best deal with challenges along the way.

How much am I spending?

Once you see where you are spending your money, it becomes easier to look at reducing spending in particular categories.

Marine Mobile

Stay on top of your financial progress anytime, anywhere with our mobile banking app. 

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Hear from our members

I love that Marine Credit Union remembers my name when I visit my local branch!

Corey G

Eau Claire

Every time I have an issue, question, or concern, a member is right there to help me. Thank you MCU!

Kimberly B

All my interactions with MCU have been courteous, polite, and professional. Thank you!

Michael A

Eau Claire

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