Get paid faster with My Payday

Two weeks can be a long time to wait. My Payday allows you to get money from your paycheck up to two days before payday, and it’s free!

How does My Payday work?

My Payday is a feature of My Relationship Checking that allows you to get paid up to two days before your official pay date.

To take advantage of My Payday, you must be enrolled in direct deposit from your employer. When we receive notice from your employer that your paycheck is on the way, we reduce the processing time to release your money as early as possible. You can turn the My Payday feature on and off as you need it, like when unexpected expenses pop up.

The timing of the availability of your funds depends on when we receive notice from your employer and is not guaranteed. Reasons you may not receive your deposit early include: your direct deposit was set up too recently, your deposit type is not eligible (such as bank-to-bank transfer), or there is a payroll issue with your employer.

Your account must be open for 30 days to use My Payday.

How do I access My Payday?

Log in to the Marine Mobile app or Online Banking to get started.

On the mobile app, choose More, then Accounts, then My Payday.

In Online Banking select Accounts, then My Payday.