The Power Is in Your Hands with Mobile Deposit

Follow these easy steps to make deposits to your checking or savings account right from your smart phone. This service is FREE when your deposit is made to a personal or business checking account, and gives you access to the first $500 of your deposit right away!

To deposit a check with your smart phone:

  1. Log into the Mobile App
  2. Select Deposit Check from the Menu
  3. Select the account to deposit your funds to
  4. Take a photo of both sides of your check
    1. Helpful tips
      1. Be sure to endorse the back of your check with “For Mobile Deposit Only at Marine CU” in addition to your signature to ensure fast approval
      2. Take photos of your check on a dark, solid background to ensure image clarity
  5. Fill in the amount of your check – it may prefill this information
  6. Click Submit

You will receive confirmation that your check was successfully submitted.

Use of Mobile Deposit is available through the Mobile App. If you don’t currently have the Mobile App, click here for download instructions.  You must be a registered Online Banking user to access your account using Marine Mobile. If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking, click here for first-time users.

Click here for assistance on any of the Marine Mobile services, or contact a local Member Service Representative.