Jack Kalander

Chief Human Resources Officer

About Me

I’m a very fortunate person in that I have a wonderful family that includes my wife and three children. I’ve lived most of my life as a resident of Wisconsin, growing up in a very small town – population of about 700. Early in life I was a member of the US Army and was fortunate to be stationed in Europe where I learned to appreciate other cultures. Following military service, I enrolled at UW La Crosse and completed an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems with a minor in Accounting. Later in my career I also completed an MBA degree from UW Madison.

My arrival at Marine CU in 2016 was a very interesting turn in my career. After 25 years in software development, moving to a banking/finance company was a very enjoyable challenge. My years with MCU have been amazing and I’m incredibly grateful and proud to be part of this team and a contributor to our mission. I’ve never been part of an organization with such a clear path to bring value to our members while helping them achieve financial goals that improve their life. I’m inspired each day to be part of this team and the MCU mission.