Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege allows Marine Credit Union to pay the charge in the event of an overdraft over $50 on My Relationship Checking. MCU will cover the transaction for an overdraft fee of $35 per instance, with a maximum of six charges per day

Note: Overdraft Privilege on your debit card requires you to opt-in to Reg E to allow us to cover an overdraft. If you choose not to opt-in on your debit card, any charge that has insufficient funds will be declined and you could be subject to insufficient funds fees. To opt-in to Reg E, follow the directions below.

To Opt In to Overdraft Privilege

  1. Log in to the Marine Mobile app or Online Banking to get started.
  2. Select Account Services then Overdraft for Card from the menu. (In the Marine Mobile app, you must first choose More.)
Overdraft for Card
  1. Choose OPT IN for the account for which you want overdraft privilege.
  2. In Online Banking, scroll down and choose I Agree.
  3. Click Save.