Help Guide for Members that have Experienced Fraud

What to do after fraud

Screenshare/Access to Device/Downloaded malicious software/Clicked on a Link/Used Unsecure Website

  • Have device factory reset or cleaned (checked for malware)
  • Provide Receipt or Date/Time/Location
  • New Online Banking credentials needed for new account
  • Create a unique complex password

Identity Theft

  • Call the Credit Bureaus (numbers below) to place a freeze on the credit reports.

Police Report

  • Request report if funds were lost
  • Provide full report to MCU


  • Call or Visit companies with automatic withdrawals or deposits to update account information.
    Examples: Direct Deposit from Employer, Social Security Office, Retirement Funds, Bills, etc.

Debit Card

  • Update Debit Card info for subscriptions (Hulu, Netflix, Auto Insurance, Loan Payments, etc.).

Review Statements

  • Review statements from the last 60 days to identify unauthorized activity and to assist with Debit Card/ACH updates.

Freeze Credit with the 3 Credit Bureaus

Credit Bureau Contact

Contact the national credit bureaus to request fraud alerts, credit freezes also known as security freezes.

  • Phone Number: 800-685-1111
  • Phone Number: 888-397-3742
  • Phone Number: 888-909-8872