The Checking/Savings Handy Guide

Not sure what’s included with a checking or savings account? Here’s a breakdown of what’s in each: 

Checking Account 

How do I use a Checking Account? 
Checking accounts are used for everyday spending.  It’s an account where you will be making regular deposits, paying bills and using a debit card to pay for daily living. 

How do I access my money? 

  • Debit card 
  • Digital wallet apps 
  • Cash 
  • Checks

Savings Account 

How do I use a Savings Account? 
Savings accounts are used to build savings for the future.  They say it’s a good idea to put away a few months’ worth of pay for use in case of an emergency. Or maybe you want to save for the holidays or a vacation. 

How do I access my money? 

  • Marine debit card 
  • Cash