Stay protected with digital alerts through Online Banking

Marine’s Digital Banking has convenient security features that provide you with peace of mind and keeps you up to date on account activity. You can set up these Alerts to notify you when there are transactions or changes made to your account.  They can be emails or notifications on your phone.

To update your Alerts:

  1. Log in to Online Banking or open the Marine Mobile App.
  2. Select Tools, then Alerts.
Digital Banking Alerts

There are 5 groups of Alerts.  The first one is General Alerts.  This Alert notifies you if an address, phone number, or email address were changed. It is defaulted to On.

The next group is Accounts.

We highly recommend members turn on notifications for Automatic Deposits, Automatic Withdrawals, Debit Card Purchase, and Transactions.

Digital Banking Account Alerts

When you turn on many of the Alerts, you will have the choice to receive them through Email and/or Push (on your phone).  Many will ask you to determine a threshold, like Balance where you can customize the dollar amount.

Digital Banking Alerts - Balance

The Authentication group has the Online Banking Access alert which is also recommended.

Digital Banking Alerts - Authentication

 The next group is Mobile Deposit. This group contains the Mobile Deposit Completed alert which is defaulted to On.

Digital Banking Alerts - Mobile Deposit

The final group is Transfers. It is highly recommend leaving on notifications for External Transfer Account Added and External Transfer Submitted.

Digital Banking Alerts - Transfers