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Blessed By The Gift of Adoption

Years ago, after Bill and Cathy were married, they felt passionate about growing their family, not only biologically but also to provide a forever family for children who deserve bright futures and good families.

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Dignity, Respect for All a Family Legacy for Mo Contreras, MCU’s Bilingual Mortgage Rep

Meet Mo. Mo works on the Marine team as a bilingual mortgage representative. He is an ITIN Certified Lender, which means he is uniquely qualified to help people with Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs) become homeowners. Since joining Marine Credit Union in 2017, he has helped countless people advance their lives by fulfilling their dreams of homeownership. This is Mo’s Marine Credit Union Story.


Consider the Length of Your Auto Loan

By Jason Kaufman, District Manager – Milwaukee, Marine Credit Union When it comes to auto loans, the shorter the term, the better. That may be an obvious statement, but there could be a few things you haven’t thought about when planning to purchase, lease or apply for a loan for your next vehicle. Having a


What to Expect Financially, When You’re Expecting

The average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child related expenses in their baby’s first year of life. Having a newborn doesn’t have to be a financial crisis. If you have a realistic view on the expenses you’re likely to face, do some advance planning and keep your eye out for deals, you may


3 Important Finance Tips Help Graduates Succeed

By Mary Jo Healey, Market Manager – Des Moines, Marine Credit Union Out on your own financially for the first time? Got a new job with a steady paycheck? Make sure you understand your options to finance your expenses so you don’t get in over your head. Accessibility is not affordability – With your first


How to Manage Summer Expenses

By Josh Moore, District Manager – Northwest, Marine Credit Union When kids are out of school for the summer, there are additional expenses that will add up such as summer athletics, additional daycare, learning activities, etc. Budget monthly to stay ahead of the game so that your kids don’t miss out! Identify your current monthly