Identity Theft Facts
August 15, 2023

How to Report Identity Theft

Our digital lives make things easier, but they also provide opportunities for identity thieves. Thieves can commit fraud using our names, Social Security numbers, credit…

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Tax Scams
March 14, 2023

Taxpayers Beware: Five Common Scams to Avoid During Tax Season

At this time of year, criminals love to impersonate IRS agents. Scammers use the anxiety many of us feel surrounding our taxes to trick us…

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November 15, 2022

Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it's time to get your shopping on. While we all love getting great deals on Black…

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Online identity thief
July 21, 2022

Spotting fraudsters, scammers, and identity thieves online

Consider this: In 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received 2.8 million fraud reports from consumers. Of the losses those consumers reported, more than $2.3…

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Padlock on a credit card
July 5, 2021

Quick Daily Tips to Prevent Identity Theft from Happening to You

This is real, people. But Marine has your back! Let us tell you a story. It was a Tuesday. A Marine Credit Union lender was…

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Protect yourself from identity theft.
November 6, 2020

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft or Fraud

By Marie MacGlashin, Director of Deposit Operations, Marine Credit Union Now more than ever it is important to be on the look out for scams…

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Couple look at their computer together
July 24, 2020

Be Smart When Online Shopping

Technology has made shopping easier and quicker than ever before, especially now with more people staying home. Be smart while online shopping and keep these…

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Someone writing on a tax document
May 4, 2017

Avoid Becoming a Victim OR Perpetrator of Tax Fraud

Tax fraud perpetrators provide false statements as material facts, know a statement was untrue or intend to deceive someone, the victim.

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padlock on credit card
June 9, 2016

GozNym: Protect Yourself Against It and Other Malware

Online and mobile banking has made our everyday lives easier. We can deposit checks, transfer money and view our balances without having to go into…

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