Credit Resources

At Marine Credit Union, we believe all people should have the opportunity to advance their lives. Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, we want to help. We offer a variety of free resources and programs to help you get out of a financial rut and into a place of financial security and improvement.

I’ve Been Turned Down for a Loan…Now What?

The most common reasons for getting a loan denial include low or no credit score, insufficient income/down payment, or too much existing debt. If you’ve been turned down for a loan at Marine, talk with your lender to understand why. The team at Marine wants to do everything they can to help! In addition to helping you map out what you can start working on today to get you approved in the near future, our team can refer you to free resources, financial education, and even products/services that can get you to where you want to be.

Get Credit

One of the best ways to improve your financial health for the long and short term is to build your credit score. With Get Credit, you have a safe and affordable way to do just that.

What It Is

Get Credit is a 12 month program that allows you to build up your credit and your savings at the same time. You select a lump sum that you want to have at the end of the program. Every month, you make on-time payments toward that amount. If you responsibly manage your payments, you’ll have improved credit and a stack of cash waiting for you in the end.

Enroll today to get credit for the things you want in life. Everyone is approved!*

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Financial Counseling

Marine Credit Union offers all members free financial education and resources through our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness. As a member, you have access to a variety of tools from budgeting calculators, webinars, downloadable PDFs, learning labs, and one-on-one financial counseling.

*You must be eligible for membership at Marine Credit Union.