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Repair Bad Credit

You’re not the first person to experience challenges with bad credit. What’s important is you’re working to resolve them!

Don’t Know Where to Turn?

Short-term relief from financial pressure can seem like an easy solution. Unfortunately, it can be expensive and doesn’t necessarily put you on a path to financial security. Come to Marine instead, where you’ll get everything it takes to get you on track – personal attention, guidance, the right tools and financial services.

A Real Relationship With Someone Who’s on Your Side

We specialize in assisting people like you – people who are starting out, starting over or repairing bad credit. Getting to know you in-person, we work toward the day when financial troubles no longer wear you down.

Leave Your Credit Problems Behind

We’re flexible, because you’re unique. We take into account your whole situation and offer ways to work toward financial security and creditworthiness.

We make decisions locally, because you can’t wait around for a financial solution. Loan decisions are made in the local office right in your community by people who get to know you, not by an automatic system. Bad credit or no credit, we’ll work with you.