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Safeguard Your Spending and Stay on Budget

Your Marine Credit Union Mastercard® debit card comes with free tools and resources to help you manage your finances with confidence. Exciting features include:

24/7 Account Access

Gain instant access to your account(s) with free Online and Mobile Banking. Not setup? Click here to get started.

Fraud Protection

Arm yourself against fraud with free debit card controls that allow you to turn your card on or off, report your card stolen/missing, and even adjust your daily limits. Learn more about our free Marine Mobile services.

Controls at Your Fingertips

Enjoy convenient access to your accounts wherever you are through our free Mobile App, available in the App Store® or Google Play®.

Mobile Wallet

Link your Marine Credit Union debit card to any device that supports Mobile Wallets (like a smart phone or watch) to make quick, simple, secure mobile payments.

  • Simplicity – Pay with your Mobile Wallet wherever mobile payments are accepted.
  • Security – Mobile Wallet payments are more secure than standard card swipes, and merchants never have access to your debit card number.
  • Speed – Simply tap your phone at the register to check out, and you are on your way!

Enroll your Marine Credit Union debit card in Mobile Wallet today! Click your respective service provider below for instructions on enrollment.

Apple Pay

Samsung Pay

Google Pay

Effortless Account Monitoring

Want to be reminded of a payment due date or alerted of particular activity on your account? Sign-up for free e-Alerts (text messages or e-mails) under the service tab in Online Banking and open our step-by-step instructional guide.

Mastercard® Guide to Benefits

Your Marine Credit Union Mastercard® debit card will no longer come with certain insurance benefits. The cancellation of your insurance benefits under the following policy will be effective July 1, 2019, at 12:00 am (EDT) (“Effective Date of Cancellation”): (1) Price Protection – Policy No. 84161539-02. Your coverage cancellation is due to changes in the Mastercard® debit card program.

If coverage under any of the above-referenced policies attaches to a purchase made with your Mastercard® prior to the Effective Date of Cancellation, benefits will be provided for that purchase pursuant to the policy terms in effect at the time of coverage attachment, notwithstanding your coverage cancellation.

For more information about your coverage, please refer to your card’s Guide to Benefits. To view your Guide to Benefits, please click here. The policies are issued by New Hampshire Insurance Company, an AIG Company.

Shop with confidence with your Marine Credit Union debit card. Need a debit card? Stop into your local branch today, and we’ll issue one the very same day!

Federally insured by NCUA. Equal Housing Lender.

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