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Julie, Randall, & family – Milwaukee

“Marine looked past [our credit scores] and understood our story, our history and our current situation.”

Johnnie – Muscatine

“My belief of credit unions and banks was kind of low until I stumbled upon the ride that changed my life… When I met Marine Credit Union, I exhaled.”

Fidel – Fond du Lac

“I went to Marine Credit Union, started my own account, and from that I just started growing.”

Mackenzie – Green Bay

“As soon as I got done on the phone I had to tell everybody. It was just the greatest experience ever.”

Marquis – La Crosse

“With Marine Credit Union… it’s more of a family relationship.”

Jarrod and Kim – Suamico

“This was the place we always wanted. It’s absolutely what we needed.”

Jordan – Eau Claire

“It was wonderful. There was an angel at Marine Credit Union that helped.”

Deb – West Des Moines

“The customer service is awesome. I feel like Marine Credit Union is a part of my family.”

Citlali – Milwaukee

“They were able to look at the whole picture and me as an individual and not just a number or a credit score.”

Lisa – Green Bay

“It was very frustrating. I have enough money to pay the bills. I knew in my heart that I could do this if only someone would give me the chance and Marine Credit Union did that for me.”

Michael – Menomonie

“After talking to the loan officer, I started feeling upbeat. I got the car I wanted and they are helping me straighten out my credit score.”

 Jennie – Fond du Lac

“[Marine Credit Union] was there for what was a very rough time for us… They made it so easy.”

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