We believe a checking account is something everyone should have, no matter their financial situation. A credit union checking account can go a long way towards having ownership and control over your finances, especially having online access 24/7 with Marine Credit Union. We can help you reach your financial goals, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere.

It’s easy and convenient, with features that help you better manage your money.
It can help you build banking history and improve your chances of getting a loan.
It can put you in control of your financial future.

Your Marine Credit Union checking account brings SO MANY benefits!

Banking with Credit Unions

Take control of spending.
Use debit card controls to turn your debit card off and on with the click of a button.

Get paid easier and faster.
Direct deposits land in your checking account no matter where you are, and your money is available immediately.

Get peace of mind.
Top-notch security and encryption in our app and online banking system maintain the integrity of your accounts and transactions.

Stay in control of your money.
Use your checking account to set up direct deposit, manage bills, and more.

Avoid pesky overdraft fees.
Add our CoverIt program to your Marine checking account and breathe easier when money gets tight. Your CoverIt subscription gives you a $50 grace zone each month—a safety net for lifeʼs ups and downs.

Enjoy ease and convenience every day.
Manage your money with just a few clicks from anywhere, anytime with our mobile app or online banking system.

Looking for a checking account to give you a second chance? Check out our Credit Builder checking account.

Plus, get the details on our exclusive CoverIt Overdraft Program.