Opening a checking account with bad credit can still be easy and convenient, with features that help you better manage your money. It can help you build banking history and improve your chances of getting a loan. It can put you in control of your financial future.

At Marine Credit Union, your account comes with a lot of benefits and they’re all free!

Take control.
Use debit card controls to turn your debit card off and on with the click of a button.

Get paid easier and faster.
Direct deposits land in your checking account no matter where you are, and your money is available immediately.

You need history.
Using a checking account and building or improving your credit score is a big part of your financial health, especially when it comes to landing a loan.

You’re responsible.
Use your checking account to set up direct deposit, manage bills, and more.

Overdraft protection.
Overdrafts happen, and we can help you handle them.

It’s easy and convenient.
Use the mobile app or log in to online banking once and take care of all your banking with just a few clicks.

Looking for the best checking account? Learn more about Marine Credit Union Checking.