Debt Consolidation

Loans to Get You on Track

Life challenges can come your way without warning. When those challenges are financial, you many find yourself with few options. We understand. More importantly, we have a strong commitment to help people out of tough situations and provide a path to financial stability.

You probably know that having excessive debt is extremely stressful. Take credit card debt, for instance. Carrying a balance over long periods, missing payments or making them late, then seeing your interest rate rise – it’s a cycle that’s difficult to break. With a consolidation loan, we will help you do just that.

We Give you Practical Solutions and a Fresh Start

There are many ways to get you through next week. Some of them, while quick and easy, aren’t in your best interest. Marine Credit Union focuses on both your immediate needs AND your long term financial health. Your Marine Credit Union loan officer will get to know you and your unique circumstances, then present a solution. We make decisions locally, so loan approvals are fast.

Yes, There’s an Answer!

You may not see a way out from under your debt problems right now, but there are answers. Come to Marine and create a plan to:

  • Make your payments manageable
  • Reduce debt over time and eliminate it
  • Avoid bankruptcy

No matter what your situation, you’re not alone in struggling with debt. Use the form at the top of this page to get started on your debt solution with a consolidation loan, or stop by your local branch.

From our Members

Helping people into better financial situations is why we exist. Hear from real members as they tell their Marine story on our Member Stories page.