For many, the path to financial health started with the dream of owning a home. We love helping dreams come true.

Our home loan experts are truly on a mission to match you with the best option for home financing. We can create customized loans you may not have thought possible — all because we lend locally and aren’t tied to large, national mortgage programs like other financial institutions.

  • First-time homebuyer in Wisconsin or Iowa? We’re so excited to help you navigate this journey!
  • Less-than-average credit? No problem. We consider many other factors when approving people for a loan.
  • Self-employed? That’s great! We have loans for you!
  • Interested in a unique property, acreage or non-traditional home? That’s fine with us!
  • Have a high loan-to-value ratio? That’s one of our finance specialties.
  • Been turned down for a home loan before? Don’t give up! Instead, give us a call.

We offer traditional payment options and loan terms, as well as a bi-weekly fast-pay option. The bi-weekly payment program allows you to pay down your principal faster, saving you money on interest.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a current homeowner searching for a new place or a settled homeowner looking to refinance your existing home, our Marine Credit Union staff will give you real advice on your best options and help you apply for a mortgage.

Why keep your mortgage in the community?



Different homebuying circumstances call for different types of mortgages. We’re committed to finding the right loan that works for your unique needs.



We don’t think a low credit score should stand in the way of homeownership. If you’re ready to purchase your own home, we’re ready to help discover a way to make that possible.



You may not fit in other lenders’ rigid lending guidelines. That’s okay — neither do we. We look for ways to say “yes,” not excuses to say “no.”

Calculate a mortgage payment

Use our mortgage calculator to help determine how much house you can afford.

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The first step is getting more information. Fill out the form below to have one of our lenders contact you. Don’t worry! This won’t impact your credit score.

What members are saying

The staff was fantastic in answering all our questions, offering helpful suggestions. Though we had to handle everything by phone and email, the staff was very prompt in getting back to us with progress updates.

Barry O


The loan process was fast and very convenient. I have never had such a great experience with a bank!

Joswa L


My loan officer is fantastic – so supportive, kind, and knowledgeable. There are so many friendly, helpful people at Marine Credit Union, and it definitely makes my life easier!

Rebecca H