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Need To Build Your Credit?

We all deserve to get credit for the things we want in life; a car, a home, a rental—you name it! Are you ready to Get Credit?
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What You Need To Get Credit

  • Why It Matters

    Poor credit can be a major damper on the things you want in life. Everything from getting a car, renting an apartment, and even applying for a job can involve a credit check. If your credit is poor, you’ll have a difficult time getting those things. Worse yet; it may come at a big cost. Learn more here.

  • What It Is

    Get Credit is a program that allows you to build up your credit score and savings at the same time. That means you’ll get a stack of cash and an improved credit score when you’re finished!

  • How It Works

    1. You pick the amount you can afford each month ($45, $90, or $135), which determines how much you’ll save at the end of the program ($510, $1,010, or $1,510).
    2. You make on-time, monthly payments for 12 months. Your credit grows with every successful payment!
    3. We’ll be here to send payment reminders, share tips to improve your finances, and cheer you on!
    4. If you’ve stuck to your monthly payments, you’ll have an improved credit score and a nice stack of cash waiting for you!
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