MCU Foundation Supporters

Our supporters have invested in the financial resiliency of hundreds of families. Help us further our mission by becoming a supporter today!

Allied Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, Allied Solutions offers insurance, lending, and marketing products to financial institutions.


A group of advisors that serve Wisconsin by providing financial planning, business consulting, and tax and accounting services to business and individuals.

Beck, Chaet, Bamberger & Polsky, S.C.

A law office that serves the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s business’ practical solutions in general, corporate, and transactional law. They also help with commercial litigation, management labor relations, and employment law.

Corporate Central Credit Union

This Credit Union, founded in 1947, is strongly focused on “people helping people” and helping their members become wildly successful.


CUNA is the only association that advocates for American credit unions and works to protect their interests in all 50 states.

Dollar Associates, LLC

A group that provide consulting for credit unions including strategic planning, management consulting, regulatory guidance, public affairs, and executive recruiting services.

EO Johnson

EO Johnson offers business technologies like print solutions, production, IT, and even digital transformation consulting.

Fowler & Hammer

Fowler and Hammer has more than 57 years of experience providing the La Crosse, WI area high quality commercial construction for both large and small companies.

Jewish Community Foundation

This foundation focuses on bringing together people who are committed to building a better world through Tikkun Olam (the act of healing the world).

McQueen Financial Advisors

A consulting company based out of Michigan that provides unsurpassed investment portfolio management, asset liability management, mortgage services, right valuations, merger valuations, and strategic services.


MDT serves credit unions by providing them with the technology they need in order to serve their members the best that they can.


Moka believes in making connections through coffee because it is so much more than just a drink, but instead a way to bring together communities and make memories.


NuSource offers credit unions solutions to implement branch transformation, security, and to better serve members.


PSCU is the largest credit union service organization in America and was founded in 1977 in order to help credit unions be successful in helping their members.

Wilary Winn, LLC

Wilary Winn offers leading edge financial advice in interest rates and credit risk management to financial institutions.