Plan Ahead for Your Family Vacation

Family on Vacation

You and your family are counting down the days to vacation. The excitement’s building, especially since you plan to travel with a new (or new-to-you) recreational vehicle. Maximize your fun and relaxation by planning ahead, saving as much as you can and keeping your credit card balance low.

Six Simple Ways to Afford Your Next Vacation

  1. Start a vacation fund.Open a separate bank account. Set up a regular, automatic withdrawal from your paycheck for your vacation fund.
  2. Hold a garage sale.Liquidating assets that have little to no value to you (but may be valuable to others) can help free up space in your home AND also be the foundation for your vacation fund.
  3. Cut back on food expenses. Eating out is not always the answer. Establish a routine with family dinners to save hundreds of dollars a month.
  4. Encourage kids to contribute. This is a family vacation, so everyone should be able to contribute to the cause. If your kids are old enough, they can contribute to the vacation budget by mowing lawns, babysitting, hosting a lemonade stand, clipping coupons, etc. Plus, they’ll be very proud of their accomplishments!
  5. Set a goal. Choose a savings goal and keep track of your progress in a way (and location) that’s very visible for the entire family. For extra fun, ask your kids to make a sign to record your progress.
  6. Start a change jar. Keep a container accessible to the entire family and remind everyone to empty their pockets into it nightly. You’ll be surprised how fast change can add up!

Family vacations are a great way to make lasting memories to cherish. Even on a tight budget, you can find clever ways to save money on a daily basis that will add up to help with your vacation expenses. The experts at Marine are happy to discuss savings strategies and even help you with a loan for a new or upgraded recreational vehicle to make your vacation even more exciting. Contact us or apply for a loan online today!

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