15 Date Ideas on a Budget

Movie on a budget for date night

Seeing hearts? Valentine’s day sets the tone for February being one of the most romantic days/months of the year. Many people feel the need to spoil their loved ones with grand gestures and expensive gifts so they know how special they are to you. However, spoiling sometimes comes with a hefty price.

While some of us feel comfortable spending beyond our budget, others may not be in the position to splurge. It is important to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune for your sweetheart to feel loved… it is the thought and the effort that will mean the most.

The typical fancy dinner, dozens of roses or giant teddy bears, are always romantic, but we have gathered a few affordable date ideas that you can do any time of the year, as often as you want, to spend some special time with your sweetheart.

*Scale: $, $$, $$$ – relative price demand

  1. Picnic date $ – Pack up some of your favorite finger food and drinks, and head to a nice outdoor space for a picnic! This classic date never fails to be one of the cutest ways to spend time together. Fresh air and good food make for a healthy date.
  2. Breakfast in bed $ – Busy week? Spend an off-day sleeping in and spoiling your sweetheart with some breakfast in bed! Create the food yourself or order ahead from your partner’s favorite restaurant.
  3. Museum $$ – Travel to a new place or time period without setting foot on a plane! Visit your local art or history museum as a new date spot. Pick a new exhibit every time you go, and learn something new.
  4. Couples DIY wine tasting/cocktail sharing $$ – If you are 21+, invite some of your friends over for a couple’s wine tasting night. Ask all your friends/couples to bring one of their favorite wines or ask everyone to create their own fun cocktail to share. Alternatively, you and your partner pick out wines to taste for your own little DIY wine tasting.
  5. Trivia night $ – This can either be done at home or at a restaurant that offers Trivia Night. Search for places that host weekly trivia nights and go challenge yourself to some competitive fun. A lot of trivia nights are free but at most cost $5 to participate.
  6. Ice skating/roller skating $$ – Whether you are a pro or a first-timer, ice skating or roller skating can be a fun way to spend time together. There are many ice rinks and roller rinks that have special skate nights (adult skate night, couples skate, kids only, etc.) that offer discounts on rentals and food.
  7. Cooking together, at-home dinner $ – Try out a new recipe or create your favorite dish. Cooking at home together can bring you closer than ever. Make a mess and enjoy your tasty creation!
  8. DIY craft night $ – Need some decorations for your place? Want to make something for you and your partner to enjoy? Have a DIY craft night! Buy affordable items from craft or resale stores and have fun putting things together. A good craft night idea is creating a scrapbook of memories with each other, family, or friends.
  9. Write love letters to each other/share old photos $ – Spend some time writing love letters to each other and then exchange or read them aloud. You can also reminisce on old photos or memories, to add to your professions of love.
  10. Go canoeing/skiing $$/$$$ – Depending on what season it is, take some time for a canoe trip or ski trip. Even if you don’t know how to ski or canoe, it might be a fun, new, challenging activity to try.
  11. Sunrise/Sunset watching $ – Pack up your car with some blankets and plan to get up early or be out later to watch the sunrise/sunset. This is a very romantic setting as you slowly watch the sun move across the horizon.
  12. Game night $ – Invite some friends/family over for a competitive game night! Ask people to bring their favorite cards or board games. Raise the steaks by offering a small prize to the winners.
  13. DIY spa time $$ – Sometimes you just need to relax. Spoil each other with a DIY spa night that features massages, facials, essential oils, bubble baths, food, etc. There is nothing like spending a relaxing night in, especially treating each other.
  14. Go on a walk/hike $ – If you enjoy being active, get outside to your favorite hiking spot and enjoy the views. Or be adventurous and explore a place you’ve never been before!
  15. Watching your partner’s favorite movie $ – Show your partner you appreciate them by doing a movie night renting their favorite movie. Even if it isn’t your favorite, spending time with your partner, enjoying something they love, will make them feel appreciated.


Check out your local activities to see the varying prices i.e. canoe/ski rentals, ice skating, museum rates, etc.

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