Online Banking FAQs

Why is my Online Banking ID or Password Invalid?

The ID or password the member is typing may not fit our requirements. Ensure that the username is 8-12 digits, and has not been one of the previous 2 usernames. Ensure that the password is 8-12 digits and contains both letters and numbers or special characters and has not been used recently.

Why am I being asked to set up security questions and answers?

All Online Banking users will establish three security questions from drop-down lists, and will type in answers to the questions selected (the answers are not case sensitive). These questions are used to challenge the user if the activity being conducted is out of the norm for the member. By answering the questions, the user will pass the challenge, demonstrating to the system they are the true authorized user.

Why am I only occasionally asked to answer security questions?

The member may be logging on from a new device, logging on frequently from many devices, or logging on rarely. These and other instances may be situations where a member is asked to answer their security questions.

I'm unable to see all of my accounts in online banking, my screen hasn't loaded properly, or I'm unable to see the My Info page. What should I do?

Verify that you are using one of the accepted browsers as listed below:

Current and Prior Major Release Versions of -
     Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9, and 10)
     Firefox (versions 23 and 24)
     Safari - Apple/Mac Users Only
     Google Chrome (versions 29 and 30)